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  • Health Insurance Policy

    Lump-sum benefit Health Insurance plans: loan for students, health loan, car loans and many other. With lump-sum benefit plans, the entire sum insured is paid on occurrence of the covered event. Like in case of critical illness benefit plan, the entire sum insured amount is paid in lump sum on first diagnosis of the any one of the listed critical illnesses. This plan is intended to support the insured where there are miscellaneous costs such as
    • Rehabilitation or physiotherapy.
    • Follow up medical investigations & diagnostic tests.
    • Any aids or purchases like ergonomic furniture & house modification.
    • Dietary supplements.
    • BP monitoring machines, etc. Incurred when diagnosed with these life-threatening diseases.
    • The amount can be utilized by the policy holder for debt payments, any loss of income, etc.
      • Proof of identity (any of the following)
        1. Pension Payment Number
        2. Passport
        3. PAN Card
        4. Employee identity card
        5. Any other valid proof
      • Proof of address (any of the following)
        1. Electricity bill
        2. Telephone bill
        3. Ration card
        4. Any other valid proof
      • PAN Card
      • Last 12 months bank statement
      • Proof of income
      • Proof of out-goings
        1. Loan repayment statement, if any
        2. LIC Policies, if any
        3. Valid proof of any other out-goings
    • Any other document required as per the application form
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  • How to get an Education Loan in India

    • A lot of us are utilized to the thought that our parents will pay for our schooling. Nevertheless, this might be hard in many instances if you’re choosing super costly professional research. A version has surfaced now under which pupils visit expensive colleges that cause good recruiting, which makes it effortless to cover the student loan once the pupil is eventually employed.

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